Hey thanks for stopping by!
I'm a design-driven frontend developer from Michigan currently living in the bay area.
I believe good design fuels productive development. I love designing and creating web applications that are simple and joyful.
These days I write nodeJS/react web applications within eBay's Payments org that are used by millions of customers every day.
Take a look around and feel free to contact me
Software Engineer
Developing mobile and desktop nodeJS/React web applications within eBay’s Checkout team. We work across domains to create accessible, scalable interfaces for eBay Payments.
MAY 2018 - AUG 2018
Software Intern
I built a C# library and GUI for an AED automated testing suite used by field specialists. This library utilized serial port programming and facilitated asynchronous communication.
MAY 2017 - AUG 2017
Software Intern
I engineered a full stack Python/LabVIEW Machine Vision Actuation Platform and designed a GUI for full systems integration testing by Stryker Test Lab Technicians.
JAN 2015 - SEP 2017
Assistive Tech. Intern
Led different projects within Mott Children's Hospital and UM Medical Center's IT Department, including an initiative to install 500 xboxes within Mott Children's Hospital.
Instagram Clone
Web application and Rest API developed to mimic the Instagram website and its functionality
Alexa skill for users to find and book the quickest ride nearby.
React web application engineered for Ann Arbor residents to post and find local events.
NodeJS web chat application for Mott Children's Hospital built with Express, SQLite, and JQuery